Tuesday, June 13, 2017

JK Publishing owner charged with theft from authors

Publisher theft from authors is quite frequently alleged, but very rarely true.  More often the apparently "missing" money stems from an author misunderstanding their contract or having inflated earnings expectation.

And then there is JK Publishing.

The owner of the erotic romance publisher, Jana Koretko, has just been charged with money laundering, felony theft and tax evasion. There seems to be good reason to suspect she skimmed over $125,000 from royalty payments owed to authors--and that sales reports from vendors were falsified to conceal the shortfall.  One author claims to be owed over $90,000 in missing royalties, from over a period of less than two years.

JK Publishing remains open to submissions. And while the numbers above suggest their books sell pretty well, it also seems pretty obvious that this press is not recommended.*

Note: there is more than one "JK Publishing", this post specifically references JK/Jana Koretko publishing based in Johnstown.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Tender Wings of Desire

Harmless fun or lazy stereotype?  KFC has posted a presumably satirical romance novel to mark Mother's Day--traditionally their busiest day of the year. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Alas, poor Samhain. I knew Her, Horatio,

The "revised contract" to revert rights before the contractual six month delay are going out in sporadically.  Mine turned up today.  And, as others have noted, it is a unnecessarily curly and complex addendum, but given that I am not in the habit of suing people without a lot more cause--I signed it.

After a few rounds of the hokey pokey Samhain Publishing is now truly, more or less, no more. They entered like a fresh breeze and left in a fart of confusion and recriminations.

"Imperious Caesar, dead and turn'd to clay, Might stop a hole to keep the wind away. O, that that earth, which kept the world in awe, Should patch a wall to expel the winter flaw!"

Monday, January 02, 2017

eXtasy Steps into ARE's Shoes

In an exercise of questionable judgement, and even worse timing, Tina Haveman of eXtasy Books is launching an e-book retailing site called Sea to Sky Books.  So far it seems to be populated entirely by self-publishing authors.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

No Relation to Justin B-IE-ber, obviously

All Romance Ebooks Closing

So, e-tailer All Romance Ebooks (2006-2016) is closing.  With the explicit intent, per emails sent this morning, of not paying publishers and authors what they are owed (offering 10c on the dollar).Their ad space was sold out through 2017 and I doubt purchasers will be seeing refunds.  Customers have four days to download their purchased books before the site goes down. Those left holding 'ebucks' can no longer use them for purchases.

I leave you with this irony from their Facebook page: