Sunday, April 17, 2016

Market: Hot Tree

Hot Tree Publishing is seeking romance in all sub-genres.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Author of BDSM Non-Fiction Charged with Crossing a Legal Line

Michael Makai, author of BDSM non-fiction guides, has pleaded guilty to sending obscene material to a girl prior to initiating a relationship with her. The relationship, with a 17-year-old, was not itself illegal.  This creates what seems to be an unusual situation where it seems that the written word was criminal despite the end goal itself being legal.

That said, one wonders if it is wise to take BDSM advice from an author that the NY Dailly News reports is a registered sex offender due to a sexual assault conviction in 2001.

RWA Apologizes for 2005 Romance Definition Survey

"The survey ... asked RWA members to vote on whether romance should be redefined as being between one man and one woman. .. The survey, however, sparked a discussion that compelled our LGBT+ members to justify their existence to others and to participate in debates about their humanity and their capacity to love. This incident was a low point from which RWA’s reputation has never recovered ...We apologize for letting our members down and for failing to treat all our members with the respect they deserve."

See the full text here.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Torquere non-payment reports

Venerable M/M epublisher Torquere Press is reportedly bouncing check on one of their prominent authors Sean Michael. These reports are back by former owner of the press, Julia Talbot. It seems unlikely that if this is happening only one author is effected?

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Fireborn Publishing

So, more on Fireborn. Fireborn Publishing seems to be a coop publisher started by some people involved in Silver Publishing, as was. Personally what I am looking for in a publisher is not a "new experiment in publishing" that involves "crowd funding" their "start-up costs" (after being open since 2014). but YMMV.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Samhain Slightly Un-Closing

So a follow up email to authors suggest they might not be totally dead, and authors should maybe hold fire on making other plans.

Like a lot of mid-level erotic romance authors my only plans would be to self-publish when the books revert and I get around to doing it.  Nothing very urgent given that my small press and self-pub books do about the same these days (a.k.a. "selling like cold cakes").

To those of you doing better, my hat is off to you :)

Friday, February 26, 2016

Samhain Closing

Email to authors posted, for now, without any comment from me. Names and emails redacted and email shortened.

Dear Friends,

It’s with the heaviest of hearts and a great sadness I bring you the news of Samhain beginning the process of winding down due to our market share's continuing decline. We’re approaching the point where we cannot sustain our business.

We prefer to go out gracefully and not get to the point where our overhead compromises our ability to pay the authors' royalties. That’s would just be wrong. We want to stay on the high road and keep your respect. This company was started with the purpose of providing a safe and friendly house for authors to publish and begin or expand their career. If we have to end, then we shall do so in the same manner.

This has not been a decision made lightly. The recent sales numbers are not providing any hope for recovery and none of our efforts have been successful. For the last two years we have tried many and varied types of campaigns to promote your titles and have had no success in reaching the new customers we need to thrive. Each month that goes by our sales continue to shrink and it would be disingenuous to keep contracting new titles.

We’ve tried to renegotiate terms with Amazon in order to buy better placement within their site and perhaps regain some of the lost traction from the early days but have been met with silence. Other retail sites are trying, but the sales have never risen to the level of Amazon and are declining as well.

As it took time to grow to the size we became, it will take some time to shrink down and end our run properly. This means that we are NOT turning off all of the books and just closing down. It doesn’t work that way. We are going to continue on with selling our titles and launching the titles that are ready to go, but we are laying off about half the staff, and releasing all freelance people.

Many of you are going to ask for your rights back, I expect. Please be patient and understand it will take time to process those titles where rights are available to be returned. If your title/s haven’t yet reached the point to have your rights returned, we won’t be making any mass releases at this point. We need the income to continue while we wind down and ask that you understand that we will release the books when we can and we won’t be abusing your trust. I won’t drag this out any longer than I have to, but it isn’t going to be something that will be wrapped up in the next six months. Samhain has commitments to vendors other than writers and to turn it all off now would put me in bankruptcy. I hope you don’t want that any more than I.


Saying goodbye is always hard. I will miss working with all of you. Samhain has been my greatest adventure and I’m bereft at having to give it up. Please accept my thanks for all the trust you've invested in Samhain and I hope you understand that this choice to begin the wind-down to close is made to honor that trust.