Saturday, April 07, 2007

So tell me...

What do you think should be done with review copies of books? I know there are things that are obviously wrong to do. Like readers at large presses trying to Ebay advance review copies of books by famous authors for thousands of dollars. And then there's something else that seems wrong, just throwing out a book that I don't want to keep. I know the book was given to me to review, not to profiteer from. But the exact nature of acceptable and unacceptable conduct seems a little vague--so I could use some input.

Currently I tend to just delete ebooks; for some reason that doesn't bother me. But what about ebooks on CD? Are these still digital files and so illegal to even give away to another person? But they are still books. I am constitutionally unable to just stuff them in the trash. Hard copies I either keep or give away to friends. Is it okay to drop them off at the Goodwill store if nobody wants them? How about this? I will list all the review copies I have in a tangible form and I will send them to anyone who agrees to review them, on their own blog or here. Then you can figure out what to do with them!


  1. I'm very cavalier about books ~ when I'm finished reading one, I pass it on. I've also bought my fair share of ARCs from used bookstores, so apparently someone's donating them.

    I haven't really gotten the hang of ebooks yet, so I can't answer that part of the question. If they're files on your computer, you can't "give" it away without deleting your file; you're just sending a copy, which could be seen as violating copyright.

    If they're on a disk though, just give the disk away. I would think as long as you don't sell it for profit, it should be alright.

  2. As far as I know from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is it illegal even to give away ebooks and delete your own copy--they are not transferable!

  3. With paper - why not print a flyleaf, slap it in the front (it's a great advertising venue after all) and donate them to your local library?

    If they are read once, like mine, I can't see them turning them down...

  4. I haven't intentionally deleted any ebooks yet. LOL. Ah, gee.

    20 years from now, I can see myself picking out a book I read this year for a re-read.