Whither for art thou...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Moxie Press: http://moxiepress.com/
Moonlit Garden Books: http://www.moonlitgardenbooks.com/

The homepages seems to have vanished. Have the publishers?

I also assume that the vanishing of the website spells the end of the end for Venus Press?


Merry 6:20 AM  

On Piers Anthony's Internet Publishing pages http://www.hipiers.com/publishing.html - he has information on both Moonlit Garden and Moxie Press.

MG - they seemed to be out of business as of a 2005 update.

Moxie - PA states their site was last updated July 7th (presumably last year?) so he has them down as not currently active.

Emily Veinglory 9:33 AM  

Yep, it looks like they all go to "dead markets". And now there is a score of new ones to add. It's the circle of life...

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