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Monday, April 16, 2007

Have you ever been not sure what you want to work on next? I have two works in progress right now. Okay, so it’s more like five, but two in particular are running neck and neck for all my attention right now. I’m having a heck of a time trying to decide which one to focus on. I keep waffling back and forth, doing a little to one and then a little to the other. In the mix, I’m not accomplishing much.

So, I thought I would put it up for a vote. See what you all think sounds the most interesting and run with that one. I suck at synopses but here goes…

The first is a vampire story I’m calling Secrets & Lies. Some of you may have read the first chapter of this one on the Slash & Burn blog a few weeks ago. It’s basically about a natural born vampire who struggles against diversity. He just so happens to falls in love with the very human he shouldn’t, and ends up with more on his plate then he can sink his teeth into.

The second is a paranormal tentatively titled Pyromancer. It’s about a man with the ability to control fire who’s scared of making connection with anyone because his emotions rule his ability. Desperate for human contact, he strikes up a bargain with a rent boy who has more to hide than he does and things quickly slide downhill from there.

So what do you think? Vampires and werewolves, oh my? Or a man who can ignite your fire, quite literally?


Merry 10:35 AM  

I think the Pyromancer idea sounds intriguing and unusual. It'll be interesting to see how you get round your character's potential to immolate his partner!

Amanda Young 1:12 PM  

LMAO. I hadn't even thought about that complication, Merry. Puts a whole new spin on hot sex doesn't it? *g*

Anne Douglas 1:14 PM  

Pyromancer, for sure - and I vote for he burns evrything but his lover to the ground... while burning his lover into a little mushy pile of hormones at the same time.

Amanda Young 2:36 PM  

And wouldn't that make an interesting finale?

Emily Veinglory 4:22 PM  

also voting for fire here ;)

Amanda Young 5:21 PM  

Fire seems to win by a landslide. The aggrivating vamps are being a pain today anyway. lol.

Kis Lee 5:49 PM  

#2 sounds really interesting.

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