Thursday, July 19, 2007

An Astoundingly Bad Idea from Twolips reviews

"Beginning August 1st, we will be offering new services at TwoLips Reviews including leasing advertising space in our Under Cover Gallery, our Banner Balustrade and Guaranteed Reviews (with either our standard turnaround time or using our Expedited Review service)! ... For pricing information on our new services, please contact Kerin at Kerin @ or simply use the Contact Us feature on our site."

I wrote about this issue a while back over at POD People.


  1. I hear they have rethought that plan and are not going to go with it because of complaints from authors and publishers.

  2. That does seem to be the case...

  3. Lucynda Storey10:30 PM

    Did you see they backed off that idea? I was shocked when the information came into my inbox. Yesterday, though, I got an email stating they were giving up the idea.

    Maybe it was a good idea poorly explained in how it was going to be executed, but it sure read like pay for reviews to me.

    How many readers are going to wonder how much of that idea went on behind the scenes before they decided to make it an up-front business. I bet it puts a lot of questions into the minds of readers about the truthfulness of the reviews.