Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Red Sage e-book imprint site has reportedly been up intermittently but is down now. If you manage to see it, please let me know!

Two Lips reviews is reportedly offering guaranteed and expedited reviews, for a price. Can anyone confirm?

Edited to add: a-ha, thanks Dionne. See here. "Red Sage is known as The Leader in Erotic Romance fiction". U-huh. I'm not touching that. (Holy erratic capitalization, Batman)


Arin Rhys 5:17 PM  

Well, it wasn't as if Two Lips were the New York Times book review before. They'd give a romance by a lizard a good review.

Emily Veinglory 5:44 PM  

Apparently this offer explicitly doesn't guarantee a good review ;)

But I still think charging authors crosses a line from harmless but probably ineffective promo to author exploitation. We have been inching towards this for a while now...

Dionne Galace 7:44 PM  

em, saw eredsage on google cache, but still down.

Arin Rhys 11:46 PM  

...Do people besides authors actually go to these review sites? Because when I was reading romance and not trying to write it, I avoided these places because I couldn't trust the reviews.

Emily Veinglory 12:02 PM  

Good question, and I feel the answer for most of these places is no. I know the difficulties. Erotic romance has a higher writer:reader ratio than most. I have the same issues in trying to keep my self-published book review blog oriented to readers (the ratio there is even high).

I do think readers use blogs and sites like Dionne Galace, Mrs Giggles, Karen Scott, Dear Author and Smart Bitches. I suspect the use JERR and maybe Coffee Time. beyond that hmmm.

But directly charging authors is a sign a site is not even trying to orient to readers as main users. A trend that started with the overly positive reviews that have become common.

L.E. Bryce 12:52 PM  

Have you seen the Gay/Lesbian section of Two Lips lately? It's a BA Tortuga lovefest. Sheesh!

Arin Rhys 4:01 PM  

Well, doesn't that just defeat the purpose then? If a review site doesn't orient itself towards readers then why would authors want it? Its all well and good to have a great review, but if its by someone who is known to write good reviews in their sleep then whats the point?

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