Monday, December 10, 2007

Bare or Bear?--veinglory

The more I look at erotic romance covers, the more I think of naked mole rats. I get that this is probably just me, but shouldn't men have *some* body hair? Why do people think smooth torsos are the height of sexitood?

a) If he has bodacious man titty why block the view with a chest-beard?
b) The sex scenes are so acrobatic he needs to be shaved and greased just to get through without serious injury.
c) No hair at all stops the werewolf character from ever crossing over into even quasi-bestiality.
d) The effort of generating a full Fabio-esque man-mane has exhausted his body's ability to produce hair anywhere else on his body.
e) Screw that, real men don't shave anything but their chins.


  1. Prsonally, I love a scruff. Hairy, no, but a scruff, body and facial, is hot. What I cannot tolerate is back hair of any kind, ass hair (ew) and please god trim your pubes, guys. It's just common courtesy.

    That said, I find smooth men just as sexy. It all depends on the guy. Some look amazing both ways, some just can't pull off the body/face hair.

    I do love a fuzzy chest and tummy, though. Something to scritch is sexy. Something I can braid? Not so much.

  2. I've always like a hairy chest. I think it's sexy. Of course, I don't want my man to look like a Yeti either. :P

  3. Oops. I seem to be the queen of typos tonight.

  4. Fabio hair and waxed chesteses aren't my thing, but, like Fae said, there's such a thing as common courtesy. My rule is, my man only has to shave/trim the places he wants me to kiss.

  5. Bring on body hair. Every time I see a smooth chest I just think that the guy is trying to look younger.

    Give me beards, give me mustaches, give me treasure trails!

  6. azteclady10:39 AM

    Treasure trail, fine and dandy. Amazonian jungle? No way.

  7. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I've never been one for a big patch o' hair covering up the yumminess of the pecs. But I don't want shaved either. I just prefer the guy to be less than hairy as his natural self...but if he happens to have hair, as long as it's not ape-like that's fine.

    Um, and what's with the straight men getting eyebrow waxings? Please stop, people!

  8. I like smooth chests, but I like *natural* smooth, thanks. Wax jobs are taking things a bit far. Some body hair is good too. But bears are not my kink.

    Not that I did it on purpose, but my shapeshifter sex scene is with a species known for not having body hair...

  9. azteclady11:45 AM

    Ah... regarding eyebrow waxing? [or plucking, whatever] I'd rather men do that than have the unibrow effect myself.

  10. I find the older I get the hairier I like 'em. I'm still not necessarily into a thicket on the chest or anything--and the hubs isn't a hairy guy--but what in my younger days would have turned me off doesn't anymore. I think it's because I'm no longer threatened by it. (Just a little way-too-deep self-psychoanalysis there.) Chest hair is so aggressively masculine.

    But ugh, no back hair.

  11. Being a furry cub myself, I like my men hirsute and bear-like. I love beards, furry chests, legs...the whole package. I don't even mind back hair and while I know that I can't satisfy my pervy appetites with hairless (almost surreal) hunks, I know that it appeals to most women and heh, if it sells books then so be it...I let it be known inside my books that my werewolves are definately not smooth though.

  12. Angelia Sparrow7:56 PM

    I like smooth men. I always have. When I was younger, they struck me as more evolved, more intellectual.

    I've developed an appreciation of chest hair since. I wouldn't mind seeing some on a cover now and than. I specified that if one of my characters is on a cover, he must be hirsute: full beard, chest hair, long pony-tail.

    But I like most male types these days. Bald is not sexy to me, except in rare cases (Lex Luthor). Neither is waxed anything: pits, chest or pubes. Unless he's a eunuch, he should have some hair.

    Otherwise, I tend to think of the line from The Mummy Returns: "Shave my head, wax me down and use for a surfboard!"

  13. Truly, depends on the guy for me. Seen some very sexy hairless men, and some very sexy hirsute one. Bald can definitely be sexy, though it's risky lol!

    Though I'd have to say if it gets classed as a pelt, I'm probably not going there, and guys that wax everything might look beautiful, but I do find them kinda odd looking.

    On Accidentally Were?'s cover I wrote everywhere over that damn cover art form that there better be hair on that guys chest - bring on the hairy chesticles covers baby!