Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Year is Coming, Join the Pack

I don't know about you lot, but I need a run up to New Year's resolutions. I have been pretty unproductive over the last few months and am planning an ambitious goal for the up-coming year. Some of you may have dominatrix muses who provide both inspiration and discipline, but mine is a bit useless. She tends to send vague fantasies and respond to any other queries with a shrug or a mumble. I think she may be seeing other writers on the side (bitch).

So here is my plan. We could form our own motivational pack (pact?). All you have to do is decide on a goal for the up-coming month, or if you are very ambitious the next year (in monthly increments). I will then check up on you all on the last day of the month.

My goal is a novella or two short stories every two months. So by the end of January I need either one short story or half a book. I may use existing partials so long as there is the designated number of completed works actually submitted at the end of the second month.

Who else is in? Pipe up now and I will be back at the end of January to check up on you all!


  1. My goals for 2008 are to have 5+ works completed and submitted and to have at least one print book before the close of the year. I don't know about the end of January but by the end of Febuary, I hope to have my novel "Guardian" finished and submitted...

  2. For me, that would be at least 25,000 words by midnight on January 31st. NaNoWriMoLight. Hell, I'm game.

    I'm also setting some exercise goals for January. Are you in for that, Emily?

  3. For January, mine is to have my next proposal sent off and at least a third of the book written.

  4. I'll be checking up on you all on Jan 31st :)

    As for exercise , hmmm, no really my thing but I am sure the significant puppy would be all for it.

  5. My goal is to collect two tips per month on organizing time to write and promote. My autistic son has made it his business to yell "Get off the computer!" within 5 minutes of my sitting at the computer. He even has a built-in radar that wakes him up when I'm trying to write.

  6. My goal is to finish two short stories by the end of january.

  7. My goal is to finish SOMETHING that I've started. I'm the QUEEN of getting 10,000 words down and then moving on to something else.

    Help me!