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Monday, December 17, 2007

Cover snark is to easy, let's try title snark?

If you don't think those titles are odd enough, try these.


Emily Veinglory 10:13 PM  

Anyone got an even weirder title?

Noble Romance Publishing,  10:37 PM  

LMFAO! Thanks...I needed the chuckle tonight, and your comments were priceless!


Anonymous,  10:41 AM  

I have to laugh here Em because that first title is one of DEP's.

I was begged literally..by my editor in charge, but the books editor, and by the company consultant to change the title...even by the webmistress and I said no.

I dont know why...but I LOVE THAT TITLE lol...and so far...it is selling very very well.


Elizabeth Parker 12:09 PM  

Too funny! Thanks for the smile today, Emily. :)

Angelia Sparrow,  6:02 PM  

Why is "The Lesbian S&M Safety Manual" considered weird? It's very straightforward.

I'm reading (yes, voluntarily) A Baby by Chance. Chance, I regret to say, is the hero.

Fae,  10:27 AM  

I can't be the only one going "I have to have the stray shopping cart book!", can I?

It looks awesomesauce.

Anonymous,  12:25 PM  

At what point in time did it become not only acceptable, but humourous to trash other authors' efforts? I mean you're complaining about something as asinine as a missing apostrophe in a title that is properly written either way you look at it. Clearly you've all mastered the art of a perfect mansucript and will soon be establishing your own publishing house of perfect books... Good luck to you all, and I hope others exhibit more kindness to you than you do to others....

Emily Veinglory 12:34 PM  

I'm not allowed to think those titles are odd? My apologies. I have clearly misunderstood something fundamental about the publishing process.

Anonymous,  9:44 PM  

It is called the Freedom of Speech...and the freedom to think whatever you want, whether other people like it or not.

And honey...if I can laugh at it as one of those book titles is at my publishing company...then so should you be able to.

Dark Eden Press

Anonymous,  9:37 PM  

A certain publisher recently had a spate of those "Millionaire's Baby" "Future King's Mistress" "Secret Lover's Secret" kind of stories. I just can't even force myself to read them.


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