Sunday, February 17, 2008


Honorable mention from the Society for the Protection of Chest Hair in Cover Art (Chairperson Emily Veinglory presiding) goes to:

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Accidentally Were--Anne Douglas
My Fair Captain--J L Langley

...any other nominations?


  1. You should see the first draft of the cover for AW? :) - although, I had no problem at all with the hairy chest thing, because it represented the hero just fine.

    Seriously - all those men with their shaved/waxed chests...leaves me nothing to grab onto in the heat of the moment (although they are very purdy )

  2. Listen, someone has to have some body hair below the neck and above the belt.

    It just the reality of life and I for one would much rather find it on a guys chest.

    All else is fantasy and lots of waxing.

  3. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Oh, lots of hairy men in this book, which is reflected on the cover. Hot!!!.... Art For Art's Sake by Karma Eastwick...

  4. What's wrong with the guys who are naturally smooth? Yes, they exist, and yes, they're hot...

  5. Jules,

    There are maybe at most 40 white men in this entire planet with perfectly natural smooth muscular hairless chests and long hair.

    The rest of us would like to be represented is all.

  6. How about "Thirt Days" by Shayla Kersten?

  7. Me personally, I have more body hair than most of the men that appear on the covers of romance novels and I am a female...really...I swear. It gets a little sad and tragic after a bit.

  8. Who said anything about long hair ( I presume you mean on the head)? Or even muscular? And I'm not insisting on perfect hairlessness. Just not at the level where it's immediately obvious on a photograph.

    Of course, I do know more than one white man with naturally hairless chest and long hair, but that seems to be a side-effect of knowing a number of Swedes. :^)