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Sunday, January 20, 2008

In RWA's mag Romance Writers Report (January) there is an interview with Rhonda Penders of Wild Rose Press. She reports, if accurately quoted, that they have "a full time staff of just over 60."

Full time--paid one assumes--staff of over 60.

Given their apparent sales figures and backlist I have some trouble with that idea.

I would note that you can see the whole mag here. As the mag is for members only I suspect this open access is a mistake. Take advantage while you can :)


Dayna_Hart 7:02 PM  

i think the number sounds fishy-high, too...

Also, for those who might not realise, "paid" in this case is likely a percentage of the books sales - NOT a salary, where the employees are paid a set rate.

It's a small difference, but important to point up, I think, especially with your note about sales figures and backlist ;)

Emily Veinglory 7:06 PM  

I was the "full time" that caught my eye. Paying a person to work for you full time is an expensive proposition....

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