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Friday, January 04, 2008

I have a horrible confession to make (which is related to why this post is so very late). I've had a professional webpage since 2005--that's not the confession--the confession is that I haven't updated it since January 2007. Yeah, that's right, a whole year. I had two good reasons for this. The first is that I am lazy. Soooo lazy. I keep meaning to do something about that procrastination. Secondly, because I've been so busy with Vivien, I haven't been writing my own books. The net result of this is that we had over a dozen Jamie Craig releases this year, and I had 4 of my own books. 3 of which just came out in the last six weeks. I felt like I didn't have anything to update, and Vivien took care of all the Jamie Craig stuff.

So, we all know that a good author page is important. Thanks to the generosity of Vivien and the talent of April Martinez, I now have a new gorgeous, lovely website, and my 2008 resolution is to update it regularly. How much time do you spend on yours? Do you give it as much attention as you should, or do you just make a token effort?


RD Solange 11:53 AM  

Denise does the majority of the web upkeep for us. Bless her. Website work is what she does in her dayjob, so it's easier for her to pop in and mess around with it than it would be for me. :)

I have on my 2008 intentions list to be more active in our blog, though. Because I think that's just as important as putting up new graphics and such.

Pepper Espinoza 1:14 PM  

Oh, I hear ya on the blog. Vivien has made a posting schedule for the entire year, and she's being very strict about making me follow it...

Anne Douglas 5:58 PM  

The honest truth?... I'm about to close down my more personal blog, and just keep my website announcement blog going. I've gotten too tied up in the blogisphere and this yeah I need to crack down and just get with the writing. So no more TT13, no more Poetry Train, no more filler posts - but in exchange I'm aiming for 4-5 ms finished and hopefully contracted, and at least 3 more actual release dates on top of the first 2 for Jan/Feb.

I can't do all that and be an active blogger and keep up with my 'other' job, so blogging is going.

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