Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dragon Spell publishing [opening May 5th] is now going to go by the name Lyrical Press. Note: that is a new url to go with the new name. Of course I haven't even listed them yet. Time for an update of the list to add the hatchlings and take out the dead...

For a more cynical take on things try Karen Scott's blog, also at a new url.


Anonymous,  9:57 PM  

Em, I have to weigh in on this issue only because my advice was asked about this before she did it.

I told her I thought it was a good idea because 1. it was too confusing to have to write Lyrical DBA Dragon Spell on everything, and 2. because it was just damn confusing for everyone that was looking up info on the company to get Lyrical Press and DragonSpell in the same search because they are connected.

Common sense, nothing else to it but that.


Emily Veinglory 8:13 AM  

I don't disagree. Although other presses manage differently named imprinst it is more confusing with a very small, new press with only one imprint. But it must also be said that changing horses before even getting to the stream also has a public relations down side.

Lyrical Press, Inc. 9:50 AM  

Hi Emily

Thanks, Deb, for your comment. No one knows more than you difficult it was for me to make this decision.

Emily, it's for the exact reason you mentioned that Frank and I decided to make the change now. Over the last day or so we've gotten plenty of positive feedback, so I know we did the best thing for Lyrical. It's difficult to find one's footing while under the watchful (and sometimes critical) eye of the public, but Frank and I are made of stern stuff and want only the best for Lyrical. We will not fail our authors and staff. Period.

Anonymous,  10:09 AM  

I'd personally be pretty worried if my publisher were "learning the ropes" with me and my work as their guinea pigs. I'd have to say figure out how to run the business before expecting others to trust you with their hard work.

Sadly, many many new authors *will* trust, no matter what. Let's hope Lyrical isn't one of the many that burns those trusting authors.

Lyrical Press, Inc. 10:24 AM  

Anon, I totally agree. Thankfully, we're not using our author's work as guinea pigs. We've always been set up as Lyrical, so the only change made was the name/internet location. Everything else remained the same.

We will never burn our authors and we swill stand by that promise. As an author, I was burned. Badly and it happened only recently. We'd never do what was done to me to anyone else. We are all about respecting and honoring the hard work of our authors. In fact, Frank and I will be paying for author pages and banner ad space on Fallen Angel Reviews, as well as banner ad space on many other sites to help our authors promote themselves.

Disrespecting and burning authors is something we will never do.

Anonymous,  1:17 PM  

I have to agree Em, it could be a public relations nightmare, but oh wait...we have already seen the public relations nightmare concerning Renee and Lyrical Press havent we? I think everyone has seen it.

So I dont think a website change or changing the website to reflect the actual company name and not the imprint, could make her look any worse than all the people who have put their two cents into this whole debacle have.

I will say the same thing I did when DEP opened...the company will have to prove itself. She can do nothing more.

And honestly...I dont think any publisher, just opened or years old, went into this business knowing everything they needed to know. It was and is, to a degree, trial and error. Some things work, some things dont. Some things you dont find out until they are slapping you in the face. I do not see how this can be used against anyone.

It was my luck that I happened to open right smack in the middle of the whole 'Trisk' nightmare, and Mardi Gras followed not long after, so I was looked at even more closely. Talk about a public relations nightmare for a new company. But we have survived, and are doing quite well actually for only being 6 months old...7 now.

So again I say...its a wait and see kind of thing.


Karen Scott,  1:43 PM  

Disrespecting and burning authors is something we will never do.

I really need to keep that quote somewhere handy... You know, just in case...:)

Lyrical Press, Inc. 2:03 PM  

Yes, do, Karen. Keep it handy. That's far from a threat. I'm not afraid of my promise to never burn my authors. I'll stand by that promise.


Emily Veinglory 6:10 PM  

p.s. I prefer the name Lyrical anyway ;)

azteclady,  12:10 PM  

I'm awful... what say you to Karen's update, emily?

Emily Veinglory 7:09 PM  

Not knowing the source I can't really say much. What I consider reasonable in a contract comes down to what I am aiming for as an author and what I see as standard.

So far I see them as an unproven start up--not more or less. I saw Dark Eden the same and came to think more of them with time. Others I came to think less of (many of them now closed).

I would encourage anyone with direct, specific information to share it with me on or off the record, even anonymously although I tend to check anon stuff with the press to get both sides.

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