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Thursday, January 24, 2008

...for this more than usually pointless post. But what is the point of a blog if not to share the occasionally pointless and even slightly snarky thought.

You know I am not overly fond of Poser dolls (shown right). I have always thought they didn't resemble any real living person.

But I would have to say author Deborah Smith comes surprisingly close?

I really don't mean anything by it. It was just what I thought when I saw this pic.... possibly just the middle-distance eye focus?


azteclady,  7:39 PM  

Way too many unkind... okay, downright mean and vicious and petty thoughts... come to mind.

Lynn,  8:30 PM  

Dunno about Poser but there's more than a touch of the ladyboy about that pic

Anonymous,  10:18 AM  

That's a man, baby!

Emily Veinglory 10:21 AM  

Ouch, I really did not mean to encourage insults about the lady's appearance--after all, Poser dolls are meant to be attractive females. I just thought it interesting that my mind made the connection. Perhaps I should have known better than to post about it....

azteclady,  1:47 PM  

I'm sorry, Emily, it's just that her expression... well, "wooden" is the only word that comes to mind.

Which, thinking about it, is probably why you connected it with the poser dolls.

See? I should keep quiet.

Karen Scott 1:58 PM  

It's a terrible photo, and it does make her look slightly masculine.

Emily Veinglory 1:58 PM  

"quiet" isn't really a specialty served on blogs. It's just that sometimes one can hear can hear one's mother saying: if you can't say something nice..." ;)

Karen Scott 1:59 PM  

I originally thought it may have been 'doctored'.

December/Stacia 4:37 PM  

I think it looks so Poser-esque because of the extremely heavy make-up she's wearing.

azteclady,  5:38 PM  

The make up and the lack of expression/life. Like a porcelain doll... or poser.

Page Smith 10:36 PM  

Okay, let's be honest.

I happen to have a broken nose (thanks to that swing set in second grade). I also have a forehead that goes on forever.

I know that I look better in photos if 1.) it's taken from my right side, and 2.) I am smiling. I also need to fluff up my hair a little (but not too much), or the forehead thing becomes a visual problem.

Deborah Smith is a beautiful woman who needs to 1.) smile, 2.) not put her hair up, and 3.) make sure that her shoulders are low when a photographer takes her photo.

She okay-ed this photo - and that's a shame. She looks like Marilyn Manson, here, but she looks lovely everywhere else.

Let's just put it down to a simple truth: even the best authors are sometimes in desperate need of an editor.

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