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Monday, January 21, 2008

Seriously people, make with the goss.

Ocean's Mist press really is dead, right? The website is down, their books are no longer listed at Fictionwise. They were not considerate enough to make with the online histrionics before collapsing into a messy and protracted bankruptcy (seriously, have they no respect for the needs of bloggers!) but it would be nice to know whether authors were paid and had their rights returned and everything tied up neatly.

And Venus, I know some of you must have the goss on that! I am still assuming the website is a Marie Celeste that reappeared somehow with no one at the helm. But I have learned not to under-estimate the stupidity-slash-audacity of owners of struggling epresses. Has anyone been back in touch with GoDaddy (who yanked the site in the first place)?

Finally, I need the sales figure goss. I need only 1-4 more book sales figures for the following presses before I post their figures: Amber Quill, Aspen Mountain Press, Changeling, Freya's Bower, Phaze, Whiskey Creek Press and Wild Rose. Just email first month's sales figures, and if you have it any higher totals (to date, first year). [veinglory at]


Anonymous,  1:22 PM  

I had a couple of books at OMP and can tell you that I've heard nothing at all about their demise. I haven't been paid in several months. My contracts run for another couple months but since they disappeared much earlier than their website did, I guess the rights are free to go elsewhere.

Emily Veinglory 1:29 PM  

Oh dear, so the just pulled a boojum and "softly and suddenly vanished away"?

Jolie 11:26 PM  

Yes, it appears that the worst press I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with has finally bitten the dust. I have been waiting for the crooks to die so that I can take my two little books elsewhere. HOORAY!

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!

For a long time I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I thought they were a great press in the beginning - but they were just like a Britney Spears - good in the beginning and then a f*cking train wreck.

I'll NEVER bother with a new press again. Stay with the tried and true, folks.


Anonymous,  9:28 PM  
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