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Friday, January 25, 2008

First, I want to apologize for slacking off last week. I can't even say I have a good excuse. I just got really lazy. It's been a weird week for me. I've been really down for most of this month, but this week was worse, somehow. Hearing about Heath Ledger was a huge blow. He was practically my age. Just 3 years older. He was my husband's age. I know people die of all ages every day, but I don't want to be reminded of my own mortality. Then we went and saw Diary of the Dead which is an amazing, brilliant movie....and it's scary and terrifying and gave me nightmares. I still feel unsettled. On top of that, the high temperature every day has been about 15 degrees, and it's always gray and snowing and cold. I can't even remember what the sun looks like. Then there's school stuff, and writing deadlines, and the conference I'm going to, and money goes on and on.

But I don't want to focus on all the doom and gloom that's been weighing me down. I'm trying to focus on positive things:
1. Life on Mars starring John Simm. The show is funny and smart, and John Simm is H-A-W-T. (Also it's my favorite Bowie song).
2. Finishing our current book and starting book 6 of our Master Chronicles, Dominion.
3. Futurama quotes.
4. Mason Wyler (he's so pretty. Guh. I love him.)

That's my shortlist. I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling oppressed by the January gloom. What are some things that make you happy? Television? Movies? Books? Pictures? Songs? Pass some joy along...


Jules Jones 1:01 PM  

Torchwood makes me happy, even when it doesn't have man-snoggage in it. And the new season is looking good.

Emily Veinglory 1:12 PM  

I live Life on Mars but my DVDs are UK region and my DVD player is a yank :(

I am planning to get series one of Torchwood this weekend, my Cable doesn't get US BBC :( :(

On the up side, Ratatouille--happy movie, animated rats, very funny.

Pepper Espinoza 1:20 PM  

I have a player that will play UK dvds, but I can't afford to buy and ship UK dvds :(

Ooh! On the bright side, Vivien bought me the DVDs for Spaced on her last trip to the UK. I lurve Spaced.

Emily Veinglory 1:22 PM  

I neeeeeeeeeeed a multi-region DVD player. I have DVDs from *4* different zones.

Jules Jones 5:04 PM  

Amazon UK deducts VAT from orders shipped to the US. On boxed sets this usually covers the extra cost of shipping internationally.

Of course there's still the problem of the DVDs costing double in the UK what they do in the US...

Emily: only three zones for me, but still a pain without a multi-region player.

Elizabeth Parker 11:06 AM  

Sorry. Not to promote the gloom, but here's more--iUniverse, an online self-publishing house where I worked as an editor has closed their Nebraska location. Moving to the AuthorHouse location in Indiana. We're all sick about it. I blogged about it.

azteclady,  4:20 PM  

Emily, you can play DVDs from every zone in your computer. Not the best solution is you have a small screen but still...

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