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Monday, January 21, 2008

How many erotic romance books are released each year, I wonder. It would be nice to get together some rough figures. Ellora's Cave are happy to let us know that in 2007 they released 414 new titles and in December they sold 74,000 copies in total. I would guess that would be a rather small proportion of the total number of titles released, but a hefty chunk of the copies sold? They also volunteer that average first month sales are 850-900 copies.

Although our focus at EREC is on getting information from writers (writer-to-writer communication) I am more than happy to hear from publishers and list their own data. Does anyone know if there is equivalent data available from other presses? Specifically, for 2007, number of titles, copies sold and average first month's sales.


Zot 3:52 PM  

Um... I think maybe EC is living in an interesting alternate reality where math works slightly differently than it does here. Either that or they're leaving out something.

414 * 850 = 351,900, which is a touch larger than 74,000.

Emily Veinglory 3:53 PM  

Copies sold would include backlist--they did specify that in the email.

Emily Veinglory 3:54 PM  

Oops, now I see what you mean. Hmmm... off to double check what I read....

Emily Veinglory 3:57 PM  

Well spotted Zot. That figure is not for all of 2007, just December.

Zot 4:13 PM  

In that case, I'd have to say books about people boinking pay pretty well. Not for an individual author, perhaps, but in aggregate. (Not that I'm particularly surprised sex sells)

Wonder how that breaks down by gender and species groupings...

Jules Jones 5:26 PM  

Nice to see a publisher volunteering numbers. Thanks, EC.

Anne Douglas 9:21 PM  

Interesting figures that show me the grass is not necessarily greener, just about the same shade in fact.

Anonymous,  9:26 PM  

It's easy to brag about numbers when you're the head honcho....and numbers from any other publisher will look laughable in comparison. Well, good for them...they're number 1 still. Right, right, we get it already....everyone flock to them since they're the be-all and end-all in wonderfulness :)

Emily Veinglory 9:43 PM  

Given that sales figures are a major focus of this site I think it is fair to say EC sales are a big plus for them. And why not? They earned their acheivements and they deserve to benefit from them.

It is also true that many authors, including--so far--myself, prefer to submit to other presses. Anyone capable of writing a good book should be capable of making any informed, multi-factorial decision.

Emily Veinglory 9:45 PM  

p.s. Anne, quite. As the data set fills out and catches up with recent trends I think this might become rather apparent.

Anonymous,  8:25 AM  

I'd like to see those sales figures split out between Ellora's Cave / The Lotus Circle / Cerridwen Press. Having books published with both EC and CP has shown me that EC books have significantly higher sales than CP books, regardless of how well written or well-reviewed they are.

Emily Veinglory 8:53 AM  

Those particular figures are EC only. I agree, if there is one major factor in sales, it is publisher.

Raelene,  6:43 PM  

Yes, these figures are for EC only, not our Cerridwen or TLC imprints, which are not erotic romance. That seemed appropriate, as this site is focused on erorom. Also, the figures are for ebooks only, not print books.

First-month sales for a new ebook ranged from a couple hundred to over 3000, with the average being 850-900. Average sales for first month after e-release stayed steady for the year for us. Which was gratifying, since we increased our quantity of releases, and there was some worry that more books released might mean fewer per-book sales. That didn't happen; instead total sales went up. There are enough erorom readers out there for everyone.

It's also interesting for authors to track their backlist. (Especially with ebooks, which unlike print books don't disappear off the store shelf or go out of print.) When an author has a new title release, it generally causes an increase in sales of their older titles. ESPECIALLY for series books. For example, a series book released a year ago may be chugging along selling nicely 15 to 25 e-copies a month. Then when a new book in that series is released, the older book will jump to maybe 70-100 copies for that month.

Raelene Gorlinsky, ECPI

Emily Veinglory 6:46 PM  

I will be posting up new figures on the website soon. It's nice to see presses being open about writers and their interest in general sales levels....

Jules Jones 6:12 AM  

Thanks, Raelene. That's the sort of detailed information about sales patterns that's very helpful.

Teddy Pig 12:52 PM  

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