Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blogger's Remorse--veinglory

In February the blog 'Bitch Envy' opened to make with some anonymous snark (see cache) about romance-genre goings on, and by March 23rd it had come to this. A very rapid case of blogger's remorse. I think extremes are dangerous things. Bloggers often thrive on drama but tend to rest on firmer ground. Beneath all the snarks, sparks and bitchery I think most of us do, in fact, have an affirmative goal. So as for "I don’t know how people can maintain blogs filled with so much mean and not be physically sick." 'Mean' may be an active ingredient, but so--underneath it all--is meaning well. If you lose that not only are there no taboos but also no reason for breaking them, and the whole thing is indeed pointless.


  1. One dimensional blogs rarely work.

    It's too hard to talk about just one thing all of the time. You need variety now and then.

    A blog set up just to rant, requires hard work and dedication, and rantworthy items.

    The blogger also has to be able to take any flack that comes their way, because inevitably, if you set yourself up as 'bitchy blog' then the reactions you get aren't going to be all sweetness and light.

  2. I agree, it's hard work to be a bitch.

    But honestly could anyone actually be able to keep it all sweetness and light in talking about ePublishing?

    With everything that goes on all the frigging time?

    I think I would end up feeling like EPIC. A totally useless, pointless, waste of server space.

  3. So you want be visitng my new blog, unicorns who love rainbows and the people who love them?

  4. Would that new blog have a warning label for diabetic users? Because I swear I feel a sugar seizure coming on.

  5. Don't make me do it... because you know I would....

  6. Well Emily I want to say for my ePositive Saturday I read a ton of Josh Lanyon which made me feel like Holly Hobbie having a corn syrup OD.

    Meaning I actually read some damn good stuff.

  7. Keeping up snark is just HARD. I've seen several "snark" blogs go the way of the dinosaur.
    Even Miss Snark laid aside her scythe and went back to snarking authors individually.
    "Sparkling Clean", another great snark blog sans the bad language hung it up.
    Being mean all the time takes a lot of energy. Of course, being Mary effing Sunshine takes work too.
    How about a little balance?

  8. Hmm, moment of conscience...or fear of getting found out? Ah well whoever she was, I though her list of publishers was a hoot. I think I'm actually going to miss her a little.

  9. Karen Scott7:00 PM

    I think she was possibly scared of being found out, it's not like she was just a reader.