Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eternal Press has been sold by Julie .A. D'Arcy to Allyson Robertson. This involves changing the free .au based website into a presumably also free .ca website with the result that currently "some links or carts may not work". I am wondering why they don't do as most epresses do and cough up $8 for a standard .com?

ShadowRose Press continues to be a missing in action and is beginning to look like it might be effectively closed.


Lyrical Press, Inc. 5:42 AM  

Hi Emily. In a post here:

You wrote that LPI has changed ownership. It hasn't. I believe you mean Eternal Press. We stopped DBA as Dragon Spell, but have always been Lyrical Press and have always owned the company ourselves (my husband and I). I would have posted there, but apparently I need to active my account and I don't know how to do that. But then, it is only 6:40am and I'm not firing on all pistons yet. lol

- Renee

Fae Sutherland 6:36 AM  

in regards to why not a .com, sometimes the .com is just not available. I know when Marguerite and I made the decision to finally purchase a domain, our website name, Chasing Dreams, was not available as a .com, .net or .org. It was available as some odd extensions like .info and I think .bus but we didn't know what those extensions were and decided to go with instead. Kind of a bummer, but sometimes the .com you want is just not there to be had.

Emily Veinglory 5:34 PM  

My mistake, Renee. Some kind of neuron cross circuit. Or as my sister would say: 'brainfart'.

Lyrical Press, Inc. 7:37 PM  

Ha! I have those wonderful little brainfarts ten times a day at least. No worries, Em. Just couldn't reply on the board so left you a message here. Thanks for clearing it up for me. As you know, one tiny piece of misinformation can lead to all sorts of havoc. ;)

Thank you for reposting Debra's letter. It's a terrible thing what's happened and all of us at Dark Eden are devastated. Luckily Debra is a very dear friend of mine, so I'll be there with her every step of her fight.

- Renee

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