Thursday, March 27, 2008

On 'epublishing is all totally sucky'
If any of the following epublishers close within the next five years I will donate $50 to the black-footed ferret conservation people: Ellora's Cave, Loose Id, Samhain Press. Anyone want to take me up on the bet to ensure the ferrets get paid whatever the outcome?

On the Happy-ometer
Come on guys. Just answer this question with a yes or no for any epublisher you have released a book with: I am satisfied with the performance of [name of publisher]. All I will post is percent satisfaction based on 10 responses or more.

On the EREC postcards
No, I haven't had them printed yet. My records are a bit of a mess again. If any of the artists have not been paid in full please email me.

On the postcards again, sorta (or somewhere to take them)
I am trying to find some time in the second half of the year to go to a convention. I need to book my holiday time now. Any recommendations?

Oh and by the way....
I have major dental surgery coming up and need a really good feel-good confort book to console myself afterwards. Any recommendations? Any genre considers but ultra cute non-alpha male characters appreciated.

p.s. File under A for Alarming: Telling POD Publishers - Let BookSurge Print Your Books, or Else...


Pepper Espinoza 7:22 PM  

To add to your list, I would honestly be very shocked if either Amber Quill Press or Liquid Silver Books closes their doors in the next 5 years.

I am extremely happy with the performance of:
Samhain Press
Amber Quill Press
Liquid Silver Books

The boys in our Brindisi Bedfellows of both cute and non-alpha males. Yeah, that was a shameless plug. I feel good about that.

Emily Veinglory 8:00 PM  

Oh dear, that just conjured up an image of a promotion butt plug. I wonder if anyone makes ones you can put a logo on?

Pepper Espinoza 8:08 PM  

Well, if they don't make one, they should.

Darlene 10:42 PM  

I've been with Amber Quill Press for over two years now and I'm happy with them. They're not flashy, but they get the job done.

Jules Jones 4:33 AM  

Still happy with Loose Id...

Anonymous,  7:36 AM  

I'd take that bet, but I'm broke at the moment, but like Darlene and Pepper would have to add Amber Quill to the list

As a reader, I'm very happy with the performance of Cobblestone Press. Happy, but not as estatic over the performance of Amber Quill and Ellora's Cave.

Good luck with the surgery.


Anonymous,  10:46 AM  

I can say I'm not only happy, but thrilled with the Amber Quill / Amber Allure / Amber Heat folks. Not even my NY publishers treat me as pleasantly or as professionally as the owners and staff do at AQP. That was a definite shock to my jaded system when I had my first e-book published. I admit I feared the worst, but I somehow think I stumbled upon one of the best.

Katrina Strauss 11:43 AM  

I'm very pleased with my experience at Loose Id.

You know our tastes in lead males differ so I can't suggest any reading material for the dentist's office, so I will send you some good juju vibes instead. I have never had a cavity in my life, yet was just diagonsed yesterday with periodontal disease and some minor bone loss going in on in my molar sockets. But hey, no cavities! :P

Emily Veinglory 12:23 PM  

My ongoing dental adventure is likely to include 7 fillings, one potentially a root canal, and removal of a wisdom tooth that is wedged between another tooth and a major nerve and will involve a surgeon.


Anonymous,  1:50 PM  

I'm very happy with Loose Id.

jill noelle,  3:01 PM  

I'm happy with EC, and the ladies at Loose Id are some of the best in the business.

Fae Sutherland 5:04 PM  

I'm very happy with EC. Is there something higher than happy? Cause that'd be me. Me + EC = OTP

I have no idea if I've sent this for the Happy-ometer yet, I don't think so. So please count this vote!

azteclady,  10:21 AM  

:sending all sorts of positive energy (aka juju) to emily:

Katrina, no cavities, huh? I would hate you if it weren't that your other issues made me wince. I'll send you some good juju too.

L.E. Bryce 2:26 PM  

But, Emily, who is the logo on the butt plug intended for? Surely your colon doesn't care where you got it?

L.E. Bryce 2:26 PM  

But, Emily, who is the logo on the butt plug intended for? Surely your colon doesn't care where you got it?

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