Friday, March 21, 2008

Positive Saturday :)

So, I encouraged people to post anything they want that is positive about small press and epublishing this Saturday. I thought I would pick one little story. I don't know that the person involved would want to be named so if they come by I leave it up to them to raise their hand ;)

A few years back I was new in the US, no credit and having to pay all the moving and immigration costs up front (they were to be reimbursed but that didn't help me right then). The first pay check was still almost two weeks off and all I had to my name was a bag of dog food (and a dog who wasn't going to share), half a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. I was in a new job in a foreign country and I didn't have money for food, credit or anyone nearby to turn to.

Literally, that was it. 37c to last ten days. I got a little desperate and tried with some embarrassment to ask one of my epublishers for an $10-$20 advance against future royalties. I totally expected that this was almost certainly not possible. What I didn't expect was that a few days later a box would arrive, a food package. The person I had emailed was making up food packages (I think for the troops) and made an extra one for me. Best cheese and salami I have ever had and enough to get me through a few more days after which I manage to get a pay advance.

Small gestures leave lasting impressions.

Please tell me about your own postive Satuday posts. I will visit and list them at the top of this post.


  1. that is really wonderful! thanks for sharing :).

  2. Um, was that me? I mean I do remember worrying if you were a vegetarian. If so, I'm very glad it helped.

  3. My retelling may be a little off on the details, and I don't think I ever said thank you properly--but yes it was. I am vege-tendian but have always made an exception for left-overs, salami, bacon and whenever I'm really hungry. I am not a very good fanatic.....

  4. Not to drag this out but you know, I certainly have been least in a new city with no money on hand and no support system. Almost everyone has at one point. So, if you have the chance, pass the food on as it were.
    Um, we can stop now.