Thursday, March 13, 2008

Teddy Pig recommended list of ePubs

For the full explanation see this post.

Teddy Pig Recommended ePublishers


EREC Sales-Based Recommendations


  1. Hmm. No one has a problem with these picks then? ;)

  2. Actually I did get some feedback about Aspen Mountain Press so I will track that one.

    If anyone out there has any feedback please feel free to hit me up.

    I am not perfect, just willing to stick my neck out there.

  3. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I thought it was a very interesting post from an author's pov, but as a reader, I realized that 80% of my ebook purchasing dollars over the past year and a half has gone to publishers not on that list. I thought that seemed odd somehow. Admittedly it's all a matter of personal taste, but I would have expected there to be more of a correlation...

  4. This is where I repeat...

    I wish some of these valid successful ePublishers would get together and setup an actual useful organization that set some basic and clear guidelines or standards.

    I am being highly conservative on my list and I am sure I have missed some smaller companies that might actually be good for writers and thus worth supporting as readers.

    So I am left to try and only promote those ePublishers I know that many writers and other reviewers continually recommend which might seem simple and not very structured but it is the best information I got.

  5. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I'm sorry if you're comment was directed at my anon comment above. I didn't mean to argue with your choices or criticize them. I meant, and should have clarified, that somehow I felt that the pubs not on the list had more successfully marketed themselves to me. And I would have expected there to be a correlation between successfully reaching me as a reader and treating authors well, since marketing is part of the business end of things. I do appreciate your list and don't mean to argue with what's on it.

  6. Krissie G9:01 AM

    Maybe I'm just one dissatisfied customer, but I have bought several EC books in the last month and was seriously disappointed. Not in the editing or anything of that nature, but the quality of the stories themselves. One was thinly disguised porn. No story whatsoever to support the sex aspect...but maybe that is what EC readers look for?

    I just hesitate to buy another book from them...unless I know the author, I guess.