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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

There seems to be a lot of negativity around, especially re: epublishers and small press in general. I would like to invite everyone to post on their blog this Saturday, and post about something they like or love about small or e- publishing. It can be anything so long as it is POSITIVE! I will come back on Saturday and promise to visit and comment on anyone who takes part and drops a link here. Please link to the specific 'Positive Saturday' post to make it easy to find


Diana Castilleja 9:27 PM  

I'll be happy to post something Em. Not everything I know is rotten nor deplorable. And my experiences haven't been either.

Emily Veinglory 9:34 PM  

LOL, we could always have rotten and deplorable Sunday.

Kayleigh Jamison 9:36 PM  

Stop reading my mind, Em, it's creepy.

Seriously, not the Saturday thing, but this afternoon I started composing a blog post about some of the great authors I've gotten to know recently, and started it out with, "There has been a great deal of negativity lately relating to small presses and e-publishers. Rather than fuel the flames, though, I decided to post something positive, instead, about my experiences and the people I've met..."

Seriously. I was gonna finish and post it tonight, but now I'll hold off until Saturday. You creepy mind reader.

Kayleigh Jamison 9:37 PM  

And holy crap, how many times can I say "seriously" or use adverbs in a post? Ugh.

Need. Sleep.

Teddy Pig 11:11 PM  

As Tonto said to the Lone Ranger...

"What you mean 'we,' white man?"

There is a big difference between a Vanity Press and a ePublisher. I have heard no negativity regarding ePublishers.

Jules Jones 3:21 AM  

Having done my US tax return at the weekend, I have plenty of nice things to say about *my* publisher...

Ciar Cullen 7:57 AM  

That's really interesting, because I was feeling so blah about things that I posted a "Love An Editor" day today on my blog. It must be in the air... I will post on Saturday too!

Jennifer McKenzie 8:09 AM  

Well, I was early, but I have taken your challenge.
I did a Thursday Thirteen on the great things about epublishing.
This was a fabulous idea.

Emily Veinglory 8:23 AM  

Early is fine. p.s. Ciar, I totally stole the idea from your post.

annbruce 11:36 AM  

I don't post about publishers because Karen and DA do a damned good job of it, but I'll think it over.

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