New levels of unprofessional presentation in e-publishing--veinglory

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Not our genre, but still. Consider me boggled. To be further boggled check out the website.


azteclady 8:29 PM  

Please tell me this is someone's idea of spoofing...

oh lord

Kayleigh Jamison 8:35 PM  

It has to be a joke.

It can't not be a joke.

reader1,  8:37 PM  

my brain hurts now.

kirsten saell 9:55 PM  

um, printer-fiendly? Interesting term.

December/Stacia 4:19 AM  

And you can change fonts at your convience, too!

Marianne LaCroix 7:43 AM  

Looks like Teresa (formerly of Mardis Gras) has a new company complete with snazzy advertising....

Darlene 9:04 AM  

Playing devil's advocate here, this had potential. If they had done the ad on a computer screen or ebook reader, it could have been a demonstration of how easy it is to access, read and customize ebooks, thus putting them ahead of print books in possibilities.

Too bad. I see it as a missed opportunity more than a train wreck.

Anonymous,  2:18 PM  

Well, considering the web address has a .tk in it...this is clearly not an English-speaking person who put this together. My first guess would be scam followed by possible spam site.

Fae Sutherland 4:32 PM  

I just read a thing on Yahoo news about .tk being one of the top two domains for spam/virus/scammer sites. I haven't gone to that site and wouldn't recommend anyone else do so either. Can't be too safe these days.

AnneMarble 9:51 PM  

I think my favorite part was when it said that ebooks are "printer fiendly." :)

Tara S Nichols 8:19 AM  

Okay, if you're eight and this was your first attempt at Utube for your project marketing presentation, sure, its great. If you are 35 and looking for cute, they missed the mark. Oh well. I got a little sea sick watching it. Woman overboard!

Mind you, did it work?

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