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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Imagine if you needed a separate ISBN for every format your ebook was offered in. You may not need to imagine it for very long if the PA/BA Liaison Group get their way.

And who, you may ask, is the BA/PA Liaison Group. Well they: work to identify and initiate action on some of the challenges facing the book trade for the benefit of all in the industry.

They are specifically a group within the British Publishers Association whose membership is drawn from Random House, Penguin, Lttle Brown, Macmillan, Faber & Faber, HarperCollins and Scholastic.

PA proudly and repeatedly claim to "[r]epresent the large majority of UK publishing by turnover..." "By turnover" perhaps meaning, mostly the big boys who don't e-publish as their core business and so don't care much about the cost of a separate ISBN for different digital formats?


Pheebles 10:16 PM  

Oh, wonderful. That's the kind of Aunty you wish would shuffle off and leave you her millions. lol!

Helen 12:19 PM  

And does BA/PA get to tell everyone what they have to do, or are they limited to just the UK? Because I sure as hell didn't vote for that idea over here in the US.

Linda Mooney 12:43 PM  

If every epub was expected to issue a different ISBN # to every format of every book, the cost alone would be prohibitive, IMHO. I can see everyone being dropped to one format only (probably PDF).

kirsten saell 2:35 PM  

which would not necessarily be a bad thing in the long run

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