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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"Our office has sustained damage from a severe thunderstorm and our phone and email is temporarily out of service. All emails will be answered as soon as our service has been restored." [NCP]

It could easily be true; it is also a bingo square if you are playing along at home.


MarianneLaCroix 7:53 PM  

What severe thunder storm? I live an hour away from the NCP "Castle", and I don't remember anything so severe rolling through.

kirsten saell 9:37 PM  

Must have been one of those highly localized severe weather phenomena...

Anonymous,  10:07 PM  

Is their HQ in Texas? The weather in that state regularly seems to affect one e-publisher so badly it makes their royalty payments late...

Page Smith 10:42 PM  

Um, if everything was down, where did they send this announcement from?

Anonymous,  11:13 PM  

It's pretty convenient that no one can contact them right now... since they have a bunch of authors upset about their reversal of rights letters being posted on the website... and other authors trying to find out if the same will happen to them when their contracts run out...

Beth,  12:45 AM  

Hey Mari, haven't you heard? They've put indoor-outdoor storm plumbing throughout the "Castle" LOL

MarianneLaCroix 10:21 AM  


No, they are in South Georgia near Valdosta. It was wet on Monday and a little rumbly, but nothing like the hurricanes that come through. and knock out power.

Ellen Ashe/Jade Jurgensen 10:22 AM  

Shutting down was likely due to a storm of lawyers. Another creative excuse- wonder how long their noses are now.

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