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Sunday, July 27, 2008

This is where there used to be a New Concepts Publishing yahoogroup for readers. This is where they used to link to it (see the bottom of the page). It seems a few authors, in the process of leaving either by choice or summary deletion, had a few things to say. I assume that the PTB at NCP found it easier to delete the group than address the problems (other than with the usual counter-accusations).

In the past I have noted how the ability of an e-publishers to sell books correlates closely with the number of members in their yahoogroup for readers. So the jettisoning of this yahoogroup combined with the noticeable reduction in book releases, distinct absence of releases by non-owners and appearance of short formats not previously allowed by their submission guidelines? I just wonder how long they can go on.

Edited to add: The owners seem to be keeping busy.


Annmarie,  3:44 PM  

I'm an author at NCP and I tried to post on the author loop and it said I wasn't allowed to. I'm trying to figure out if it's just me or all NCP authors...

MarianneLaCroix 8:57 PM  

Yeah, if you search further back at the Valdosta Daily Times, there are MORE real estate transactions for more additions...$20,000 at a time by Andrea DePasture. There are about 2 or 3 over the past year...or more.

Karen Scott 4:44 AM  

So, what are they doing with the real estate stuff?

Anonymous,  9:29 AM  

Sounds like what they're doing is taking the author royalty money and building up their houses. Nice scam!

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