Thursday, August 14, 2008

I while back I asked who was your favorite Robin Hood. So just as a break from the old routine... who is the best Cleopatra. Surely the mother of all Femdom. Some played the part and some are just dressed for it. Here are my top picks, is your favorite here?

Tina Turner

Sophia Loren

Sarah Bernhardt

Petra Nemcova

Marilyn Monroe

Lilly Langtree

Elizabeth Taylor


Claudette Colbert (added for Cat)


Cat Grant 8:18 PM  

I'm partial to Claudette Colbert in De Mille's 1934 version, myself.

Teddy Pig 8:21 PM  

Marilyn or Tina... either

Mya 8:40 PM  

Marilyn, that picture of her is awesome.

Angelia Sparrow 9:11 PM  

Tina. Amazing lady.
Amazing Talent.

Mary Caelsto 4:08 AM  

I like Petra. I thought she made the series of Rome. Her and Marc Anthony. Hmm....

kalitafic 6:30 AM  

Marilyn or Sophia. Both are gorgeous!

Seeley deBorn 11:40 AM  

That's Marylin?? Wow. Her's is gorgeous, but I think my vote goes to Tina.

Tarot By Arwen 10:08 AM  

Always Liz for me. We share a birthday (not the year) so I'm partial.

Anonymous,  1:18 AM  

I am partial to Lucy Lawless (Xena)but the pic of Mar.Monroe is stunning.

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