Alas poor chest hair...--veinglory

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well it looks like I remain in a minority in preferring the model leave on all of his natural chest-beard--with any kind of chest hair preference coming in at a meager 12%, while bare preferences are at 42%. the balance being made up by those who swing both ways or won't consider enjoying mantitty of any flavor....


Emily Veinglory 6:53 PM  

Bonus points if you can identify the guy on the left.

Anonymous,  2:49 PM  

Well, I certainly don't want my guy to wax or something in order to be bare. I just prefer *natural* bare to hairy. However, I don't mind the hairy as long as he is not hairy all over the place (like shoulder and back hair, too...ew!).


Rose Archer 9:20 PM  

William Morris.

Crys 10:53 AM  

i know the guy on the left ISN'T Rasputin, and honestly, i think i should get points for that

Emily Veinglory 10:32 PM  

Close, but in this case it is actually William Holman-Hunt

Rose Archer 1:48 AM  

Holman-Hunt? Then I will say, "Damn," with a Pre-Raphaelite flourish.

Seriously, though, have a look at Morris' image on Wikipedia:

Very similar. (Although I want to make it clear that I'm not arguing that I'm wrong. I stand corrected... with a very nice Arts & Crafts back-drop, as well. :)

Emily Veinglory 4:49 PM  

Quite a few of those pre-Raphs were fond of the curly chin-hair...

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