Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Ravenous Romance press release here.


  1. I wonder if they will only be publishing het. I sent an e-mail inquiring if they will be accepting m/m and haven't heard back from them. As both a writer and a reader, I'm quite curious.

    Also, I wonder if it's just me, but are they using erotic romance and romance interchangeably? Is there not a difference?

  2. Anonymous2:32 PM

    'Ravenous Romance™ will be a destination site for women, with erotica that celebrates female sexuality'

    So no M/M then? If that's the case, it won't be a destination site for this woman.

    - Linda

  3. Anonymous3:18 PM

    that none of their competitors offer both audiobooks and e-books, nor do they offer new material with the frequency that Ravenous Romance™ will EC's 8 or 10 or however many books a week don't count as daily novel publishing? And are they going to turn into a book mill too?

  4. Anonymous4:57 PM

    I'm curious about the graphic attached to this post. Why the linkage with Excessica and Extasy Books? Are they related to Ravenous somehow?

    Lord, I can hardly keep all the "Our pub is gonna change the ebook wooooorld!" start-ups in the last year. It's dizzying and somewhat nauseating.

  5. I have noticed the apparent lack of MM. It reminds me of the days when EC said they didn't do MM 'because their readership was female'. A bit erotic romance 1.0. But I may be reading too much in.

  6. No linkage at all, sorry if I was being confusing. I was just doing a compare/contrast on some logos out of interest. I am not sure what this 'red letter in the middle' thing is, is all.

  7. Anonymous5:53 PM

    ...none of their competitors offer both audiobooks and e-books, nor do they offer new material with the frequency that Ravenous Romance™ will...

    Ah, yes, they do....Fiction Works has both audio and e-books (they've been doing it for about 8-10 years, and a few other e-pubs also offer audio. But frankly, the audio market (especially for romance, and especially erotic romance) is virtually non-existent. After all, who wants their children overhearing some of the "dirty talk" featured in an erotica book?

    Yes, EC has just about a book a day, AQP has just increased their output to about 25-30 books per month, etc. So this ain't anything new either.

    You'd think they'd do better research before they made grand pronouncements. This shows they really have no clue regarding the e-book industry or what their "competitors" are doing. Unless, of course, they don't consider "anyone" their competition because, before publishing a single book, they already feel that case, bully for them. Can't wait to see how things work out in...oh, about 3 to 6 months when reality strikes... :)

  8. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I attempted to register for their contest and download my free "Hot Fling". I keep getting an "error" message. Nice.

  9. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Same here on the issues downloading the "free read" thing. It comes up as a .pdf in the save box, but it's packaged as a .rar archive. Which makes Windows go "WTF?" and be unable to open it, because the file is claiming to be two seperate types at the same time.

    They might want to fix that little problem...just saying.

  10. Anonymous9:25 PM

    The press release reads more like something put together to impress an investors than to attract readers or writers. I also don't get the "award-winning writers and their protegees" thing. Who talks about protegees in this day and biz, and what's that got to do with anything?

  11. Anonymous7:55 AM

    sounds like they're just trying to get in on the erotica bandwagon before it bursts...

    they should have looked at other small, struggling imprints such as Phaze, etc. who barely make a blip in the online erotica world - 'cause that's where they're gonna be.

    I sort of expected more from a legitimate agent, tho...

  12. Anonymous8:48 AM

    They--or at least one of their authors--insists the erotica bubble isn't bursting, though, and is quite adamant about it. So I can only assume they truly believe there's still lots of room for growth. And according to their Twitter page they are firmly convinced they're going to change publishing forever.

    I disagree, and so does pretty much every erotica author I know, and all the major houses who are cutting back on their erotic romance acquisitions, but...maybe they know something I don't.

    I'll be watching them with interest, that's for sure. And I'd love to know who the "award-winning authors and their protegees" are.

  13. "our ability to price and market our product aggressively"

    Agressive pricing is usually well below market value. It's a strategy designed to build a market share with the intention of raising the price once the market share is established. But since royalties are on cover price (I'm assuming, haven't heard back after emailing to inquire about royalty rates and submission guidelines, as was suggested on AW) it it's not very attractive to authors.

  14. Yes, their response time to inquiries seems to be very slow (if at all, I'm still waiting). Not good business, that.

  15. Anonymous9:45 AM

    according to the guidelines posted on their website today, they are looking for "everything" in LBGT-themed erotica. I assume that also means M-M.

    And they are getting a good bit of mainstream industry press since the press release was sent out just a couple days ago. Seems like they are different from the pack in that respect, at least.