Sunday, September 14, 2008

I need ideas...--veinglory

On September 21st ERECblog is taking part in Joy Nash's 50 days, 50 blogs give-away. So on that day we will have a contest to give away a copy of Immortals: The Crossing--sixth book in Dorchester’s USA Today Bestselling series Immortals. I am open to suggestions, perhaps a caption contest? Does anyone have a good picture to use?

In other new penguin has decided to take the LibraryThing/Shelfari idea and cross it with the dating site. "Could a shared passion for Joyce, Dostoevsky or the Bront√ęs be the foundation for a lifetime of love? ... That's what the people at Penguin UK are banking on. In conjunction with internet dating colossus, the publishing company has just launched a new dating website aimed at book-lovers." [Irish Times] [] Although when I checked several pictures and links on the page were broken....

And, file under 'one more reason to choose a pen name carefully' or perhaps 'gee, thanks': "Susan Johnson is an Australian novelist, based in London and often mistaken for an American author of erotic romance books who shares the same name. Here the comparisons end because our Susan Ruth Johnson writes quality stories about social and personal subjects." The comparisons start to end at "quality"? And sex and love, as we all know are neither social nor personal. I suspect I would opt for this Susan Johnson who gets a link and cover spot from us for the gratuitous media diss.


  1. I think of Susan Johnson as one of the original erotic romance authors. She was writing it for NY before it was even popular in epublishing, and doing it well. And is still publishing. I think there must be SOMETHING "quality" about her work.

  2. *fumes*

    Susan Johnson was the author who made me want to write. I loved her old historicals. I was bummed when she stopped including all those delicious footnotes that so pleased the history geek in me.

  3. I know about the author name confusion. I didn't think to check the name I chose (which is really my name... kind of) before I published my novel under it, and now I find out there is another author of the same name. She doesn't seem to have written anything in a while so I don't know whether to change my name or not...I've built a brand for it, and now googling that name brings my website up as the first result.

    Tis a quandary, indeed. I can only hope that my writing quality is not called into question. ;)

  4. Other than wondering where their collecitve narrow mindedness... I wanted to say that I enjoy the changing image at the top very much, emily.

  5. Some fo the banners suffer a little from my lack of mad graphics skillz. : /

    If anyone feels like donating a banner for the rotation please feel free. You can add a discrete advertisement of you graphic or other relevant skills to it (up to 125 pixel square or equivalent size).

  6. Oh, classy, classy, classy!!

    Putting the cover up for Susan was a sweet thing to do.

  7. Everyone runs the risk of author name confusion... except Emily Veinglory. :)