Thursday, September 25, 2008

New epress: Cherry Lane Press

Apologies for a terse message as I am in a meeting on my iPhone -- and I still have trouble with this touchscreen. But you know how this goes:

Opening, in a questionable choice, on April 1st. I also wonder about branding with cherries when this is one of Torquere's commonly used symbols? Other than a very quick look on a very small screen I have no information about this start-up.


  1. Cherry Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
    There beneath the blue suburban skies
    I sit, and meanwhile back


  3. Damn, that site has more typos than I do.

    I swear I try to use a spell checker as much as possible.

    That is rough.

  4. They've shut down the site to fix it, but the comments do not bode well. The minute I see the publisher's health problems mentioned and the "I thought we were all in this together"... I know that house is not long for this world.


  5. Oh dear. When you start any small business, and perhaps in particular an e-pub, you need to be in excellent health and fully solvent. (And no, I'm not starting any rumors about any particular e-pub's solvency.) That's the only way you have a fighting chance nowadays.

  6. Apparently it's already shut down--that is, if I understand the comments at the Dear Author's thread correctly.

  7. if so I think that would be a new record for epress brevity of existence

  8. "Incest, rape, and other acts considered vile will not be considered."

    Ambiguous statements such as that bother me. What is considered vile? M/M? F/F? BDSM? menage?

    Tread softly here, methinks.