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Sunday, November 02, 2008

I was listening to a radio interview with a marketing professional last week. His suggestion was that what is useful in marketing these days is not so much sex, as the controversy that it can stir up. People will buy sexually explicit material or they will not--that is simply a commodity, or a genre. But a little bawdy material in a public place with get you huge amounts of free publicity.

One master of this technique is the British Lingerie maker aptly named Agent Provocateur. Their advertisements make use of celebrities, soft fetish props and as much skin as can be legally displayed on the side of a bus stop. The latest campaign also seemed to lean heavily on some romance cover tropes and a little light femdom. The practical part of my mind insisted that stilettos and pirate ships would be a bad combination, let alone when conducting a semi-nude saber fight.... but practicalities are rather beside the point in this sort of thing. But it is at least interesting that romance imagery is part of this ultra-modern, hip campaign.

It does make me wonder if erotic romance advertising that focus on hot, sexy, hothotHOT11!11, may be missing the important element of being provocative (naughty, bawdy, suggestive)? More of the feather, less of the whole chicken?


Erastes 3:24 PM  

God yes, couldn't agree more. Notwithstanding the silly outfit for the lady onboard, how sexy is the man in the uniform with it undone?

Less is more and infinitely more sexy.

Teddy Pig 7:03 PM  

Could they look any more uncomfortable and posed in that picture?

Sorry, maybe the EC covers are a bit over the top but that picture has no sexy there for me.

Teddy Pig 7:05 PM  

Good models always make their clothes look comfortable like they have worn them a hundred times but those guys are not even trying.

Emily Veinglory 8:00 PM  

I would have to say the models look a little wooden--but I think the scenarios look fun, especially the one with the rope :)

Fae Sutherland 9:48 AM  

Meh, I didn't find anything sexy or sensual about those pictures. The models look like they're in pain or about to fall over, none of them look even remotely comfortable...meh.

I prefer a pose that flows. Those pictures *could* have been sexy as hell, if the models knew what they were doing. But they didn't and the pics fell flat and no...not sexy.

Anne D 10:28 AM  

Ahh... But what you don't get in the stills, you get in the interactive experience.

Now this is cool:


You can keep the video book trailers, I want one of those...

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