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Saturday, January 31, 2009


EM Lynley 2:31 PM  

wow, I'm amazed at how the first-month sales at EC have dropped! Even if they still far outweigh the other pubs, this is a significant issue in that it's flat over the last half of the graph. Got any idea what's the reason for that?

Emily Veinglory 2:40 PM  

A lot of the variation is pretty arbitrary depending on particulalry high or low selling books coming in and out of the data set. I would read the EC line for the general level only.

Jeanne St. James 5:12 PM  

Interesting how above the rest they are!

Anonymous,  8:39 AM  

I still don't get why EC is so far ahead of some of the other epubs. I've bought a couple of their books in the past...not that great. I don't get all the hoopla.

Anonymous,  9:11 AM  

Word from my various publishers says that hetero erotica sales have fallen drastically while anything "gay" has increased. So if EC is still publishing mostly hetero erotica (and by new authors, no less) and I'm sure they are, than I'm sure they're also experiencing the shift in trends.

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