Bulletin: Triskelion print books still 'first sale' circulation?

Friday, January 02, 2009

A couple of Triskelion books have been spotted in a Borders store. I emailed Borders Customer Care to ask on what basis they were being sold and who would receive the profit. This query has apparently been sent "to the research team for the answer." Does anyone know more about the ultimate disposition of Triskelion's left over stock? Have you seen them in bookstores recently?


ggymeta 11:27 AM  

They could be remnants of distributor stock. :/ Four of five copies found on hand and sold off recently--just now making its way to Borders book shelf?

Doublebanker 11:55 AM  

Haven't seen this book around the Nebraska area, but probably the last place to get it! :)

Anonymous,  1:42 PM  

my guess is they're remaindered stock being sold off by the distributor at a loss (usually remaindered books are not subject to royalty).

Anonymous,  4:32 PM  

Could have sworn I spotted some at B&N as well, shortly before christmas. Will check when I go back.

Kris Eton 9:33 AM  

Sadly, none of the Trisk authors will see a dime from any of these sales. It might actually be better to tell the author you saw her book and where so that she might be able to buy it back. Some authors might be offended by this, some might be grateful to have one more copy of their own book on a shelf or to use as a giveaway item at some later date.

I lucked out with having only one small book with them. Once Siren bought the rights back, I was able to get a new contract with The Wild Rose Press. Never had anything in print.

Lynne Connolly 7:00 PM  

I'm an ex Trisk author. When the company went into liquidation, I was told they had 3 warehouses of unsold returned books, which had contributed greatly towards the bankruptcy. They were listed in the bankruptcy sale, so they must have been sold. Fortunately I only had 2 books in print, and although one has been reissued, I've rewritten it considerably. The other I don't plan to do anything with. One of my books was POD and shouldn't be available, the other was mass market paperback, so I'm assuming that one contributed to the returns. Not a lot we can do about that, sadly, but we're not going to see any reward of any kind.

Shannon Stacey 3:31 PM  

My Borders has Trisk books still on the romance shelves at full price.

Emily Veinglory 9:12 PM  

That makes sense, I suppose warehoused books are being sold off either at cost or to recoup costs for a distributor.

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