Monday, January 05, 2009

Mills & Boon Rugby Romance--veinglory

When I first heard about rugby romance fiction I though: 'that could work'. I mean, dude. Daniel Carter -->. Nuff said. (And besides, ex-Brit rugby player Roger Sanderson has been writing M&Bs for years).

Of course being a British imprint they don't have access to the All-Blacky goodness of Carter et al, but they will only be using fictional characters anyway. No thinly disguised celebrity-porn here.

They did, however, lose me at "The RFU are very much behind this and see great opportunities to make rugby more appealing to women."

Oh. Fuck. Off.

I'm sorry, did I type that aloud?

Rugby is about buff, muscular sweaty guys grabbing each others arses in the scum and slamming into each other at speed--with the condiments of competitive pseudo-combat and national pride.

Rugby already appeals to women (and gay men). You don't have to Barbie it up (idiots).

p.s. this is in the Billionaires imprint? What rugby player makes billions?


  1. LOL
    In danger of dribbling toothpaste or breaking a tooth on my toothbrush.

    Emily, you've got to warn people when you're going to be so funny.

  2. *HOWL* I know a woman who actually prefers it when the players get muddy and I'm sure she's not alone. So no Barbie-isation needed there. ;)

  3. I almost choked reading this but I'm sorry to say I'm one of those that rugby doesn't appeal in um...any shape or form. LOL. That doesn't mean I would mind reading the right kind of story though. I probably wouldn't care what kind of game they were playing.

  4. Um, I've never even watched rugby. But looking at that photo, I might have to start...


    My spamword is "pests". And my kids aren't even home for lunch yet...

  5. Must go and see what this year's calendar from the French team looks like...