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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We haz it. Latest time trends in first month sales, excluding Ellora's Cave which continues to lead the pack. Full figures here.


Jeanne St. James 9:54 AM  

Thanks for the stats. It's good to see just about every one of those epublishers growing.

Xandra Gregory 5:04 PM  

Thanks for keeping up on the stats. It's interesting to see the trends edge upward.

Do you have any plans for breakout data on the books themselves? Like novellas versus full-length novels versus anthologies? I'd love to know if electronic delivery is shifting reading habits to shorter works, or if it's still too soon to tell.

Cynnara Tregarth 9:36 AM  

This is great information to have. More importantly, it's good to note with upcoming releases, to see what kind of promotions work to help keep sales to that level.

Do you know how much backlist plays a part and how many authors have crossed between publishers? I'm wondering how that also effects sales as well.

*blinks* Yes, occasionally, I can be overly business. Really. LOL

Thanks for this. This is fantastic!

Emily Veinglory 10:26 AM  

I wish i could collect more detailed information. But even keeping the requirements very simple i barely get enough data to represent a valid sample. So I don't want to push it by asking for more detailed reports ;) I appreciate how many people take the trouble to participate.

Jan Springer 10:33 AM  

Looks great!
Thanks for posting this info. :-)


Seeley deBorn 10:28 PM  

Am I the only one who can't see EC data on the graph?

kirsten saell 4:13 AM  

Dude, you can't see it because it's so far above the rest it's off the chart. But for how long...?

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