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Monday, March 02, 2009

Cacoethes' website is down with the message: "This Account Has Been Suspended -- Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible." Authors have apparently been informed that a new and improved site will be up tomorrow, but the lack of prior notice and suspension message is not a good look....


Teddy Pig 7:08 PM  

Those guys... sheesh! Just one bad thing after another.

Mary Winter 6:57 PM  

Suspension messages usually mean that it's non-payment of bill. That doesn't sound happy. :(

Emily Veinglory 7:23 PM  

To be fair I got this notice once because my host didn't like the way I had typed in my credit card number--and they didn't give me any warning!

Mary Winter 9:02 PM  

@emily - Oh that's not good. They should have given warning at least. I'm always wondering whether to use the dashes or spaces or nothing when I type mine in. :(

I know when I went through the big fiasco with the scammer hosting lady every time she failed to pay the bill all 20 of her client's websites would have that message. So I'm a bit touchy when I see that message.

I also saw it once when a company made a rights infringement claim against a website. The host pulled it until the claim could be resolved.

Anne D 12:44 PM  

Big fiasco with the hosting lady? I must have missed that one...

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