Double plus unfail (or not?)

Monday, April 13, 2009

It looks like the Amazon derankings have been, um, un-deranked :)

Funniest amazonfail twitter: "Kroger grocery overrides produce manager's removal of phallic fruits & vegetables from shelves. Blames automated scanner glitch." (roncharles)

Some books are still deranked--is yours? You can add it to the list here.

A good summary here: Authors, readers angry over Amazon 'glitch'


ggymeta 3:01 PM  

I'm sure it was easy for them to simply 'undo' what they implemented in the first place.

As opposed to a glitch...which would take time to fix because it would need to be rooted out and all that...


Jeanne St. James 4:32 PM  

I would assume they quickly changed it back due to the power of the Internet. Word travels very quickly these days.

cinnamon purr 10:56 PM  

They're taking their sweet time about it if they are.

Anonymous,  9:43 AM  

My books are all still deranked. They are not moving quickly on this. I just sent them a nasty email. What a bunch of asshats.

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