Friday, November 27, 2009


I didn't watch the American Music Awards live, because frankly--who does? I did see all the shock, horror and general over-reaction to his performance afterwards. So, somewhat curious, I looked it up online.

And boy was I underwhelmed. Even taking into account the cut-aways you have a performance for an adult audience that includes some guys in pseudo-harnesses, a head in the groin area, and a kiss. The only bit I found at all uncomfortable it when he put his hand in the crotch area of the pole-dancing women.

But seriously, Madonna did this first, didn't hide that she was trying to shock, went further and continues to do it better. The only thing that shocks me is that people were shocked by Lambert's watered down piece of amateurish choreography and that he considered afterwards that he "got carried away". Carried away what, the spirit of 80s Glamrock past? (bah, humbug).

Is just that Teh Gay just so much more shocking to a general audience, that barely blinks when Miley pole dances at the Teen Choice awards? (Something, BTW, that Madonna also does better).


  1. Of course it comes down to Lambert's sexual orientation. When straight women get raunchy, there's only a minor collective gasp, if any. Those hijinx pander to str8 male fantasies, which makes them okay in this supremely screwed-up society.

    I just wish this extraordinarily talented performer wouldn't feel the need to a.) lapse into cheesy, over-the-top theatrics and b.) play the bi card by groping females. I think it would've been holy hot-damn great if he'd surrounded himself with men on stage and kissed every last one of 'em!

  2. I think the potential of turning that act into a moral-piss-party was first recognized by a Michigan couple (Pentecostal missionaries) who decided to be daring by making hot cocoa -AFTER saying their nightly prayers- and staying up past 9 PM. They were surfing the channels when they came across the awards show and lo & behold there was the devil himself dancing on stage. So they put a call in to their favorite TV watchdog group. This org. had been on a dry spell of late, with nothing juicier to throw stones at than that cartoon baby bear with the toilet paper stuck to its rear. With this wonderful news at their disposal, the org. in turn put in a call to Bill O'Reilly, who put a call in to his old nuns, who put in a call to God, who put in to the Conference of Southern Baptists, who put in a call to the FCC.. and the rest is history.

    Seriously, who cares? It was aired past the family hour AND anyone with any comprehension of the sorry state of popular music wouldn't even have been watching it. The moral anals could be concerned that Tinker Bell has been whored out to promote Green propaganda, but you don't hear them moaning about that.

  3. I assumed when the whole thing happened that the mistake he made was trying to put a message in his performance as a still new, less refined artist. But now that I've seen it I have to say I rather liked it. I thought the pseudo-sex added to the theme of the song, likening the performer to a stripper or sex performer. The crowd size and his road to glory, so to speak, make for an ironic performance.

  4. Adam's mistake is the choice of venue for his performance. Madonna kissed Britney and Christina on the MTV Awards, and the network didn't blink an eye. But Adam chose to have his BDSM orgy on the AMA, which was still haunted by Janet Jackson's Nipplegate scandal, so the apparent backlash resonated more loudly as a result.

    Then again, it could be that Janet Jackson ruined everything. The overreaction to her silly peek-a-boo (with no nipple really showing, just an ugly nipple clamp) opened some kind of moral floodgates in the US media that it hadn't recovered from.

  5. I would rather have seen the nipple. That clamp thing was eww...

  6. So that's what all the fuss was about? I wonder how they would have reacted to this year's Eurovision Song Contest? My personal favourites on the mixed sexual messages front: the German entry "Miss Kiss Kiss Bang" with a gay singer and special guest artiste Dita von Teese, and the Ukrainian entry with singer and her entourage of oiled up and very camp centurions.

    (Eurovision -- bringing high camp to the tv screens of Europe since 1956.)