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Sunday, November 01, 2009

* Epublisher Love You Divine seems to have reported a reviewer to the FBI for reviewing a bought ebook, assuming it was pirated. (via Mrs G.)

* P.s. While the whole trend of replacing names with acronyms is merely annoying, using them in lower case if just weird: "lyd titles are distributed world-wide, both electronically and in print."


Makita Jazzqueen 6:37 PM  

Luv your blog!

Check out mine:

Tuscan Capo 7:45 PM  

Not that I believe the accusation is true -they seem to have really jumped the gun- but for some strange, unknown reason I get the feeling if the review had been glowing they wouldn't have given a flying rats turd when or how any reviewer came by a copy.

Kayleigh Jamison 1:50 PM  

I don't always agree with Erastes, but she has always been very pro author, and anti piracy. I cannot imagine she'd engage in it.

Seems to me like the disclaimer on Speak Its Name might be a little confusing, the publisher misinterpreted, and rather than attempt to resolve things amicably went straight to stupid in their threats.

It's very unfortunate that this had to happen right on the heels of the discussion over at Dear Author (which I wasn't happy about at all, but that's another can of worms).

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