The $20 Question

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Here's a totally non-rhetorical question for y'all. If you had a $20 amazon gift certificate, what would you spend it on?


Jessica 10:40 PM  

lisa kleypas and lori foster books

nbrooks 10:49 PM  

Probably this:

What... was it supposed to be books? ;-)

Meg 10:54 PM  

You must have oodles of books on your wish list. But I'd recommend False Colors by Alex Beecroft if you have not read it already. "Me" above was me, my profile was not showing up properly. Hopefully fixed, now.

H 10:58 PM  

How did I come to receive it?

If it was a present from a family member, I may expected to produce it at some point ... so a murder-mystery in a series my step-mother reads would be a likely choice.

If I won it, I would use for a book from the author/group/blog/fandom (unless I had them all already) that gave it to me.

Mmm. - actually, scrub the murder-mystery, a safe bet would be a vegan cookbook or two.
BUT, if it was a guilt-free (and as you can see, this is always a factor for me), I would buy something from my TBM (To Buy Maybe), so it would be of interest to me, but a little beyond my usual - perhaps Black Wade, where the content is part of my normal reading habit, but the presentation is different (haven't read a graphic novel since Eric by TP) or something.

Hope this makes sense!

JenB 1:18 AM  

Coming Undone by Lauren Dane

Linda Mooney 8:38 AM  

I'm one of those people who hold on to my gift cards until something pops up that I have to have at that moment. Why spend it now, unless there's something you've been desiring for a while.

P.S. Amazon also sells DVDs and CDs. And for many items, if you buy at least $25, you get free shipping.

My 2 cents. ;)

M Barnette 12:39 PM  

More books by Deborah Cooke, Angela Knight and Sherrilyn Kenyon. I'm trying to find some earlier books in certain series these ladies write.

Ann Bruce 8:46 PM  

Kinsale's Lessons in French and Crusie's Cinderella Deal are coming out early 2010.

Of course, I wore out my Die Hard DVD, so ordered a blu-ray copy on Boxing Day.

Air - Kisses, George Allwynn, aspiring M/M author 12:06 AM  

I would be a selfish creature and spend it all on me -- m/m romance e books!!! (money's been tight lately)

Cat Grant 9:31 PM  

As it happens, I did get a $20 Amazon gift certificate for Christmas. I put it toward my Chuck Season Two Blu-ray discs.

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