Thursday, December 10, 2009

Books I Couldn't Give Away

I was clearing out my bookshelves and culled out about fifty books I no longer wanted. So I left these books out at work for people to take. Over a week later three poor books remained unwanted. If I had to say what these books had in common, I think it comes down to this: their covers sucked.

What the cover on the left say? It is centred, dull and the woman has funny looking fingernails. The message is rather unromantic, and the Femdommy-sounding tag-line is pretty much unrelated to the story.

On the surface the next one doesn't look too bad. But there is something vaguely unsettling about a woman draped on the back of an apparently unconscious, or possibly recently dead, young man. It may just be me that makes me wonder if, somewhere out there, there are book actually about necrophiliac candle pegging...

And just to complete the undead trend, this cover seems to illustrate one of the problems with shagging a ridiculously tall, gray-purple zombie--needing a hand free to stop his nipple from falling off.

For the record I have read all of these books, and while not particular favorites of mine they were all pretty good stories in their own right. But people do judge a book by its cover, even when you are trying to give them away.


  1. #3 - the squishy manboob doesn't do it for me.

  2. Necrophiliac candle pegging totally made my day. :-)

  3. "N" is for long nail stuck in your eye. "O" is for Opthamologist you call before you die. "P" is for penis you slice with one wring. "Q" is for question, a police interrogation thing..

    He was only A BREATH AWAY when she lit the candles and snuffed out the oxygen supply...

    MANHANDLING the dead has never been more erotically illegal...