Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pickled Cupid, wherefore art thou?


Anonymous,  8:49 PM  

Do you mean to ask why Cupid is pickled? Or...

Wherefore means why. Just a little confused. ;)

Just saying. Couldn't resist.

Emily Veinglory: 9:13 PM  

You Anonymous people who know the actually meaning of words... mutter, mutter... think you're so cool. mutter, mutter. Sulk.

Rose Archer 11:49 PM  

Website cannot be found.

What did I miss?

Fae,  2:02 AM  

And all of a sudden the "Wherefore art though, Romeo" speech makes soooo much more sense. I confess I did not know it meant why and always thought it was a bit strange Juliet wondered where Romeo was. Um...home, probably? Many thanks for the enlightenment, anonymous!

Fae,  2:02 AM  

thou. I meant thou. No more posting at 3 am. *slinks off to bed*

Emily Veinglory: 8:09 PM  

@ Rose, PC is a romance industry satire site--does nobody know why it is down?

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