Thursday, January 07, 2010

My main reaction to seeing the finalists for Hello Magazine's "most attractive man" was bemusement. Did they deliberately choose the most unattractive photographs possible of these guys? The only one that seems to be a professionally taken picture is Sean Bean's (in his 'Sharpe' costume, methinks).


barrettmanor 7:11 PM  

At least they didn't forget Hugh Laurie and David Tennant. Oh, the decisions. Which one? ;-)

But yes, most of them look like paparazzi photos, don't they?

Emily Veinglory: 8:42 PM  

Brad is *not* looking his best.

fiona glass 4:53 AM  

It takes a special kind of photographer to make Hugh Jackman look plain... O.o

roslynholcomb 9:36 AM  

Damn, what did they do to Viggo? And I just don't see the attraction to that Robert Pattinson. I've never seen him look good in a photo (haven't seen the movies). Then again I'm not 15 and bubbling over with hormones either.

Evelyn Applegate 10:54 PM  

Brad Pitt's hardly even recognisable and David Tennant looks like he sneezed just as they were taking the picture. Robert Pattinson and Hugh Laurie both look like they just rolled out of bed wearing the clothes they had on the night before, although only Hugh Laurie manages to look good regardless. And is that Hugh Jackman's mugshot?

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