Bulletin: And the award for most blatant pirate ever....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Goes to the Free Ebook Store.


Renee Rocco 12:46 PM  

I'm still stunned by the audacity of this person (or people).

Thank you for posting this, Emily.

Mary Winter 2:11 AM  

Frakkin blogger ate my comment... short version...

a quick whois and tracert search turned up that this is a UK host (hahahahaha THEY obey copyright laws)...

admin/technical contact at host is here:

Administrative Contact:
2 rue Kellermann
Roubaix, 59100

Technical Contact:
Klaba Octave
2 rue Kellermann
Roubaix, 59100
(fax: +33.320200958)

Pass this info along to the authors/books being pirated.

Back to editing now...

Mary Winter 2:12 AM  

Oh, and since the cut and paste cut off the emails, go to http://whois.com and type in ovh.net, choose who is, and then you can get email addy's to send C&D letters.


v_greene 8:43 AM  

Still there, and with a big vanity press ad across the top, too. That seemed weirdly appropriate, somehow.

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