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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moongypsy press

"It is a place where we value the humanity of each individual and treat everyone, even outsiders, with the respect they deserve as fellow participants in the dream of life. We are all people who care deeply about each other and give encouragement, support, and shoulders to lean on in times of distress."

We do not accept stories centered around serious illness, gay, bi, lesbian, highly explicit/graphic sex, BDSM, GBLT, ménage or anal intercourse. NO sex with minors."


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LVLM 10:21 AM  



Kayleigh Jamison 10:50 AM  

Oh good lord. They value each individual, even outsiders...unless, of course, you're gay, bisexual, dying, or kinky.


My captcha: "hate." Seriously.

Angelia Sparrow 12:41 PM  

So my dying leather-daddy looking for a new top for his boy is right out?

Ah well, it's going to Amber Quill anyway.

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