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Saturday, April 03, 2010

With digital publishing services and vendors becoming more accessible, more erotic romance writers--and writers in general--are opting for self-publishing. Usually this is done under a boutique press name. I have to say that some of these names seem to use a rather odd conjunction of words. Kittyfeather Press? Virgin Petals? I suppose there is a story behind these names but I hope it is better than the story behind Meow Squish ("It's the sound a cat makes if you accidentally step on it."). Un, okay. And Meow Squish has merge with Spambooks. Does this make them Squishy Spam, or Meow Books, or Virgin Pussy... no, now I am getting confused. For even more entertaining options perhaps we could get them to collaborate with Whiffy Skunk....


Anonymous,  4:23 AM  

Oy. And from Meow/Squish...I don't edit this site for spelling. I just post information. I'm too busy working on books. ...For those of you who seem to think that this speaks against my editing ability, let me remind you that I make it very clear in the submission guidelines that I do not edit for spelling and grammar. That is the responsibility of the author.

You know if people would start publishing companies, the least they could do would be to invest $10 in a domain name. So we could kind of think they're serious? Blogger and free hosting do not a professional company make.

spam check = croid, which must be the sound a droid makes when you step on it. Crunch+Droid=croid

Teddy Pig 7:48 AM  

Pussy Galore Publishing...

Hey want to start a company?

Emily Veinglory: 4:58 PM  

I'd consider it if we specialised in femdom and called it Pussy Whip. ;)

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