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Friday, April 09, 2010

Renaissance Ebooks is currently on the PLIST as not recommended due to reports of non-payment dating from 2008. I see that they now have Sizzler Editions as an erotica imprint. In fact they declare that they have been "one of the leading publishers of erotica in ebook form since 1999". How remiss of me not to notice. Does anyone have any more recent information about Renaissance/Pageturner/Sizzler?


AnneMarble 4:43 PM  

I have always seen a lot of their books on Fictionwise, although all their lines are organized under Renaissance E Books, so you can't search by imprint. (They have about 1400 e-books on FW, but it's possible some are no longer on sale.) They do give the imprint name listed, though. Sizzler is the erotic imprint, and I think PageTurner is for adventure, reprints of old SF and pulp novels, etc.

Emily Veinglory: 8:16 PM  

Maybe they do just fly under the radar.

Emily Veinglory: 6:26 PM  

It is a little... web 1.0

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