Verboten Datum?

Friday, April 02, 2010

I hear remarks from time to time that some publishers not only discourage reporting sales data, but contractually forbid it. Or that they have a more generally worded gag order about commercially sensitive or derogatory disclosures interpreted to cover low sales figures. But I, personally, can't actually confirm that any publisher does this. Any info appreciated. is this truth, or myth?


Anonymous 7:56 PM  

None of mine do, so that covers EC, Amber Quill and Dreamspinner.

Fae 7:57 PM  

Sorry, that anonymous was me. Sign in fail. :/

Emily Veinglory: 8:04 PM  

I have never struck it either at Samhain, Loose id, Cobblestone, Torquere or Aspen Mountain. But I am curious because there are certain publishers who I never get reports on. It could be a coincidence... or....

Emily Veinglory: 8:04 PM  

p.s. I finally added Dreamspinner to the PLIST--not sure why I had missed them before.

Anonymous,  9:22 AM  

I don't know of any publishers that do that. Mine certainly doesn't.

Emily Veinglory: 1:28 PM  

Maybe it is just a myth. But if anyone can confirm it... comments are totally anonymous.

Anonymous,  6:30 PM  

Loose Id and Liquid Silver Books don't. The Wild Rose Press doesn't want dissension in their rose garden, so anything they consider negative is gently (but firmly) hushed up and played down.

New Concepts Publishing threatens and insults many (not all) of its authors, so their suckage and attempts at gag orders are common knowledge. Any low sales are attributed to the author's lack of talent - not NCP's bad reputation, bad editing, or horrible management. We who have sold hundreds and thousands of copies with our other publishers are left to wonder why our talent dissipates when our NCP titles go on sale. And why the untalented among us are not swiftly let out of our contracts. :)

Anonymous,  7:16 PM  

I detest New Concepts Publishing for all the reasons everyone else does and more, but I will say this---my sole NCP title sells better than a lot of my books with bigger, more reputable houses. They do pay me reasonably on time and my one ebook with them still sells briskly after four years in print. Would I ever pub with them again? No way. But their books do sell, which I guess is why they remain in business despite being total asshats.

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